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Willamette Valley Mixed Case

Willamette Valley

“A showcase of both the incredibly high caliber of pinot noir coming out of the Willamette Valley and the fascinating differences between the terroir of its different subregions.”

It’s really no longer much of a secret that well-crafted Willamette Valley pinot noir is one of the greatest price to quality values in the wine world.  Compared with bigger, riper Californian pinot, Willamette Valley pinot typically delivers more delicate expressions of the grape with fruit and earth in balance in a way that Burgundy lovers will instantly recognize and appreciate. 


$50 Per Bottle

(Sold in cases of 6)



Service Temp

60 degrees




20-30 minutes

The three featured wines in this Willamette Valley mixed case are produced by small, independent, family-owned wineries. Each is dedicated to growing their grapes in a sustainable way and each believes that a light touch in the cellar will allow their unique terroir to shine through best in the finished wine.

And while all of their wines are unmistakably Oregon pinot, there are some fascinating differences between them. Three sub-regions or AVAs of the Willamette Valley are featured in this mixed case:  Ribbon Ridge, known for its Willakenzie sedimentary soil and its relatively long and dry growing season, the Chehalem Mountains AVA, the highest elevation area in the Valley with iron-rich Laurelwood soils, and Yamhill Carlton, the warmest area in the valley and one known for producing relatively riper and more floral wines.

In addition to exploring the different terroirs of the Willamette Valley, this case is also an opportunity to enjoy great pinot noir at different positions along the age spectrum.  One of our producers, Freja, believes in holding back their wines until they are mature, which means we received our shipment directly from Freja’s cellar with 7+ years of age.  For Suzor Wines, 4 years is the sweet spot, whereas Ayres holds almost nothing back and I felt lucky to snag some of the very last of their 2021 vintage.

This mix of different ages, soils, and microclimates showcases the true complexity of the Willamette Valley and this case features three delicious, not-to-be-missed wines. Quantities are limited, so act fast to claim your case!

Our Willamette Valley Mixed Case Contains 2 bottle of:

Ayres’ Perspective Pinot Noir, Ribbon Ridge, 2021

Freja Cellers’ Estate Pinot Noir, Chehalem Mountains, 2015

Suzor Wines’ The Tower Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton, 2018

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