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A Passion For Wine

At Insider Wine, our passion is uncovering the treasures of the wine world and sharing them with our customers. As a licensed wine agent in Ontario, we represent a small group of top winemakers from around the world and our customers include the top restaurants in Toronto, private collectors across the province, and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s ~250 “Vintages” retail shops.

Whether we are bringing in 10 cases of a highly allocated fine wine for our top restaurants and private collectors or 1,000 cases for the LCBO’s Vintages shops, the unifying themes across our wines are exceptional quality and unmatched value.

Mixed Case 1 to 1.png

To find these wines, we dig deep, we travel the world's wine regions, and we spend time in the vineyard and cellar getting to know the people and stories behind our wines.

Led by Alex Abbott Boyd, a Certified Sommelier and Wine and Spirits industry veteran, Insider Wine’s goal is to be a invaluable partner for both the wine lovers of Ontario and our producers around the world.

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